21 / 09 / 2021

E-commerce RealFeel™ Methodology: an Answer to the Growing Importance of Video

The virtual shelf is more important than ever. For online shoppers, deciding what to buy is complicated because they can’t thoroughly examine a product until it arrives at their door. In response, customers often seek out the very best digital display they can find of the products they’re considering. Robonauts Pictures has responded to this search by creating the E-commerce RealFeel™ methodology, a way for brands to create video content that conveys maximum information and evokes sensory experiences, bringing the product to life for the buyer.


Today, 84% of Internet users say they have bought a product online after watching dedicated video content. Furthermore, 71% say they prefer video over other marketing content (source: HubSpot). In short, in terms of research and, consequently, purchase decisions, a well-crafted video is the best form of online product display.

The E-commerce conversion path almost always involves product cards, which combine video content, written information, technical specifications, pictures, comparative charts, and tables to describe an item’s benefits and pique users’ interest. Product cards are full of subtle yet effective means to drive a shopper to purchase.

Optimizing video content on product cards can be the key to a successful sale. Companies risk losing shoppers by posting generic brand “commercials” on product cards rather than opting for videos that focus on the specific models depicted. If shoppers are left with questions, as many as 68 percent will turn to other sources, often YouTube, for more information. This means that in 68 out of 100 cases, the conversion path is disrupted. The disruption could result in the client abandoning the purchase (if the YouTube video fails to fulfill its purpose), or worse – the client could turn to a competitor suggested by a YouTube algorithm.

    • Potential client leaves the primary marketplace

    • Loss of control over the product display

    • YouTube algorithms automatically suggest competitor products

Why do shoppers choose YouTube? A YouTuber performing unboxing, detailing a product’s functions and uses, can quickly compensate for the shopper’s inability to feel and touch the merchandise themselves. Many shoppers no longer trust avatar-like CGIs (Computer Generated Images). They want to see the “real” product, not its 3D model, and they know they’ll find this content on YouTube. YouTubers “lift the veil” in their videos, while brands stare in dismay, just like they did at the start of the social media boom, taking the passenger’s seat instead of the driver’s.

Thankfully, well-designed and formatted video content can encourage the customer to stay on the brand’s product card or channel. Strong videos provide viewers with necessary information on the product, hence increasing the likelihood of final purchase. And this type of content is not out of reach for brands. Robonaut’s E-Commerce RealFeel methodology has shown that creating high-class product videos is not just reserved for integrated production houses and companies with huge budgets.

The E-commerce RealFeel™ methodology combines video techniques derived from product and food advertising that create an authentic experience for users, highlighting a product’s materials, look, and function. The RealFeel methodology serves clients even when they have hundreds or thousands of products, staying within an adequately optimized budget.

The first step in the E-commerce RealFeel™* strategy is analyzing a product’s essential elements and its critical uses. The second step is testing the product. The customer’s interaction with the product (that traditional “First Moment of Truth” that would typically happen in a store) is “performed” in a controlled environment. Analysis of these interactions forms the basis of the video script. It is then supplemented with post-production effects to fully address the needs of both the brand and the E-commerce channel user. The methodology prioritizes the brand’s communication style, positioning, and values while allowing users to immerse themselves in the shopping process.

In conclusion, the way a product is displayed influences a customer’s behavior, purchase intent, and journey along the conversion path. E-commerce RealFeel™ videos let brands transform marketing’s traditional “First Moment of Truth” into a modern “E-Commerce First Moment of Truth,” resulting in greater E-commerce success.


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