Our Capabilities

Our mission is to deliver growth by utilizing unique, highly specialized solutions in the era of E‑commerce & digital transformation. Our data-driven approach makes brands better connected with consumers within a coherent marketing & technological ecosystem. Both on a global and local level.

End-to-End E‑commerce Services


In-house E-commerce experts


Fortune 500 brands supported globally


Global & Regional Toolkits created


E‑retailer coverage worldwide

We deliver growth solutions for industry leaders. We have all key E-commerce competences on board: from Business Intelligence and Data Engineering, Analytics, Strategy, SEO, Design and E-content Production, E-merchandising, to Media Planning and Buying.

Our data-driven E-commerce approach is tailored to make our clients’ products stand out on the E-shelf. We offer the highest specialization and quality at each stage of the E-commerce journey.

We have one of the biggest E‑commerce Strategy & Business Intelligence teams worldwide, with diverse backgrounds, including marketing communication, technology, and sales. Brought up on “brand building” methodology, we are helping brands to get stronger in E‑commerce.

Every day our E-commerce strategists rely on Business Intelligence and Data Engineering tools to gather insights, analyze trends, compare technological solutions in order to create consumer-centric E-commerce strategies tailored to our client’s needs.

We define consumers’ preferences, the consumer journey, and UX insights using qualitative user testing. Our E-commerce Lab with test E-shop lets us record and compare users’ behavior and analyze how they actually respond to different content propositions. The design process is additionally supported by AI-based tools, quickly and efficiently simulating actual Eye Tracking.

The ultimate A/B testing leaves us with „no room for doubt” conclusions. Based on this, we create high-quality E-commerce assets at scale for top Fortune 500 companies.

The key to success in E-retail delivery is the right balance between human work and automation. Our multinational E-retailer Operations team operates in over 30 languages, in all key markets, working with more than 500 E-retailers every day. Supported with our in-house E-commerce automation tool Synthrone, the team delivers E-content to E-retailers worldwide within just one day.

We offer E-retailer-friendly and flexible E-content delivery options, including fully automated delivery (API), semi-automated delivery, custom delivery, and delivery via third-party solutions.

The E-retail delivery process is tracked fully automatically with our Synthrone CARS Tracker solution, which makes it possible to track compliance and category performance in real-time. On top, we track pure performance, including content quality, listing performance, search performance, bestsellers in category performance, and Ratings & Reviews. All the datapoints are compiled and presented in a dashboard, allowing us to analyze relations between different sales indicators.

Translating data from the E-Commerce environment into informed decisions lies at the core of the Business Intelligence & Data Engineering Team. With the best-in-class Data Science technologies, we create flexible, dynamic solutions for data collection, transformation, and visualization, always making sure that our focus is perfectly aligned with our client’s goals.

Our BIDE (Business Intelligence & Data Engineering) Team consists of people passionate about data and is where self-development and knowledge stay at the center of our daily work. We strive to spread our vision and assist across all BNG companies to make sure they have our support in terms of data science-related projects and raise efficiency and effectiveness.

Developed by our specialist complementary Business Intelligence & Data Engineering tools help measure additional category and competitive data, like Price Tracking, Category Performance Tracking, Share of Voice Tracking, Buy-Box Tracking, Content Quality Tracking, and more.

Custom dashboards are crafted to deliver comprehensive BI solutions aimed at combining various data sources for maximum actionability for our clients.

Holistic Digital Solutions


Digital Experts


Global Brands


Global Websites in One Year


Client Satisfaction Rate

We design experiences, helping brands connect with consumers and grow at scale.

As a trusted digital business partner for global brands, we deliver end-to-end multimarket digital solutions with all the advantages of international know-how and local market opportunities. From ideation to execution, we know how to bring things to life, regardless of their complexity. Our team has a proven global track record in digital projects from multiple categories: FMCG, pharma, electronics, automotive, beauty, industry, and more.

We are a strategic partner to our clients.
We love to workshop, inspire one another and collaborate closely with our clients.

A data-driven approach, experience in consumer research, CX, and prototyping methods lets us understand and build end-to-end customer journeys that drive growth for our clients.

We create analytical concepts, emphasizing further performance tracking and optimization of our deliverables.

We diagnose and optimize the efficiency with which the brand guides consumers through purchase and service paths in an omnichannel environment. The best-in-class UX specialists and designers are synergically responsible for Experience Design as a key element of our DNA.

Having user perspective in the center of our craftwork, we can guarantee superiority in the planning and structuring of every single touchpoint and asset. Looping this approach across all key touchpoints, we offer a strategic approach based on connected experience as a holistic link for the entire consumer’s journey.

Website, mobile app, CRM, loyalty program, social media, search, or POS – we design, develop, and maintain the client’s entire digital ecosystem, keeping the consumer at the center, both on a single digital asset and whole digital ecosystem.

Our mission is to help brands navigate a complex digital ecosystem and help them better design and utilize its role. We are a reliable partner in creating entire digital ecosystems from scratch, crafting them as one efficient dialog with the user, keeping their communication & commerce role as a priority duet.

We are partners in “change.” Working with top clients across the globe, our native ground is both consultancy & execution for a wide range of digital transformation challenges.

Together with our clients, we have created dozens of regional and global digital hub solutions, helping them walk through digital transformation in a smart and efficient way. We are flexible and adjustable to the client’s structure regarding here & now needs. We support them in the client-agency operational models, their internal architecture, and aspects of digital transformation, including the complex approach to planning and modus operandi.

Creative & Product Content Production

20 000

Assets Produced


m2 Photo Studio


m2 Film Studio


m2 Sound Studio

In our complex times, marketers face the challenge of high‑quality, diversified user-generated branded content, published through various media services. At BNG we respond to this trend by offering to our Clients highly specialized creative production capabilities, set-up for both budget optimized & scalable projects and high-end productions as well.

We work in one of the largest independent content production studios in Europe, with all necessary in-house production facilities and average output of tens of thousands of video and photo pieces. In-house camera and light equipment supplemented with automated products’ storage and logistics allows us to offer off-shore prices with the best-in-class quality and talents.

Having access to a 1000m² photo studio, 3500m² film studio, and 150m² sound studio, we can handle both small products content productions as well as full-length advertising production at scale. We produce content based on various kinds of video and photo production outputs for offline and online communication.


We are highly specialized in E-commerce product content production. With the use of the latest technology and a creative twist, our video & photo productions make online consumers’ relations with a product comparable to a physical experience.

Our unique methodology is called E-commerce Real Feel™ and is based on a thorough strategic and cognitive analysis to ensure that the consumer “feels” our client’s products online. Using table-top, high-speed, and creative modeling techniques, we can produce thousands of best-in-class photos, videos, and 360° models, taking digital interaction with the client’s product to the next level. Our eFMOT (E-commerce First Moment of Truth) productions are high quality, scalable, and budget-optimized.

We run a highly specialized unit working for the beauty & fashion industry only. Our hybrid approach combines creative agency and production house capabilities to produce high-end creative content for top fashion & beauty global brands.

With the support of an international roster of talents, 94 model agencies, and top directors & photographers, our in-house creatives and producers craft amazing product storytelling that looks beautiful and engages the audience. A unique approach to the production process enables more assets creation needed for modern brand storytelling, covering all key touchpoints, including E-commerce, Social Platforms, and Digital Signage.

Speed-to-market and overall scale require production processes being automated and the use of CGI technics. It lies in our DNA to combine human craftwork and technology.

On top of our photo & video production capabilities, we have a production set for 360° quick view content, 3D models, and an automated packshot rendering. We use it to produce a mass-scale of primary or secondary images, product tours, or to supplement the video production process. All our CGI production is E-commerce-optimized and ready for use, e.g., on the product cards.

Technology & Automation


IT Experts


Project Executions


Years of DTC Experience


Native Solutions in Use

Whatever we do with technology – it’s all about understanding the need and the problem behind it. We provide solutions that give businesses a real value for their customers or internal processes.

Our DTC Team has over 15 years of experience in projects across E‑commerce channels and categories. We have a unique opportunity to support our clients both in the technical and creative aspects of the DTC challenge on a global and local level.

Brand New Galaxy brings unique know-how in all end-to-end aspects of DTC by merging category & brand expertise, E-commerce superiority, and customized technology. We have highly specialized teams responsible for: DTC/E-commerce Strategy and Architecture, Customer Experience Intelligence, UX & Front-end, Design & Brand Creative Supervision, Back-end & Technology, Fulfilment, Delivery & Post Sales, Merchant of Record, Data-Driven Maintenance, and CRM.

We work in a 2-step methodology: Data-Driven Executive Strategy & Modular Execution. It makes our DTC projects uniquely synergistic in all interdisciplinary aspects of building a platform.

Great UX and design are the core of each app that allows the users to fulfill their tasks and makes them come back. Custom approach and following platform iOS/Android patterns are completed by us with great attention to detail.

Every business has its specifics that need to be wisely transferred to the user journey and functionalities within the retail or e-retail ecosystems. Based on the client’s business model and our experience, we can create an omnichannel presence that aligns with the needs of our client customers.

Our transformative approach helps our clients scale their business ecosystems. A single process and data can be reused in different contexts, extending one
E-commerce solution to a multichannel service app environment. It can be a company website connected with E-commerce, a targeted webshop for exclusive clients, or an internal web app to support the controlling department – you name it.

There are many manual tasks in each organization that may take a significant amount of time. Bring your process efficiency to the next level with the repetitive tasks automation.

Technology can save time and enhance the precision of such manual tasks and allow our clients’ employees to do the critical work for their business. The data are secured in the DMZ network or private cloud. The task may be as detailed as implementing an automatic quality procedure in the product database to check if the product descriptions provided by the suppliers are correct. To make it happen, we have implemented the Google Vision tool and AI to recognize product label structures and their content semantics that are then transferred into the XML structure. Complex as it may seem, the process makes it actually user-friendly.

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