13 / 09 / 2021

Brand New Galaxy Establishes Global E‑commerce Capability Team

Newly appointed team will design and develop the global offering and competences of all E‑commerce agencies within the group.

Brand New Galaxy Establishes Global E‑commerce Capability Team

Since its launch in 2017, Brand New Galaxy Group (BNG) has been constantly expanding its E‑commerce operations and evolving its offering. This has entailed both the development of specialised agencies, and the expansion of its product and service portfolio.

Therefore, following its acquisition of the American Amazon advertising agency content26 in 2020, the time has come for the group to take its offering to a whole new level: to this end, the group introduces a new umbrella structure – the Global E-commerce Capability Team. The team will focus on integrating and streamlining the group E-commerce offering across all BNG E-commerce entities including Pathfinder 23, Content26, Synthrone, Voyager, other agencies supporting E-commerce activities at BNG and strategic partners of the group.

The newly established team will include Julia Dziurbiejko as E-commerce chief operating officer and Szymon Domżał as E-commerce chief growth officer, both part of BNG since the very beginning. They will be supported in this mission by Lucie Dessarts as an E-business consultant. Lucie started her collaboration with BNG in 2020, bringing in E-business experience from the client side.

In the last 12 months, the number of contracts and projects in the E-commerce area has grown significantly. Customers have started to invest much more boldly and decisively. Our organization must react much faster to these business changes and be much more integrated at group level. To achieve this, we need to adjust our organizational structure accordingly

Julia Dziurbiejko

Most of our customers are looking for partners who can simplify their own complexity, minimize the number of different narrowly specialized agencies and automate processes with technology. Changes in BNG’s structures are addressing this opportunity. The newly created Global E-commerce Capability Team will be responsible for simplifying our clients’ E-commerce offering and combining the competences of our highly specialized agencies.

Szymon Domżał

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