13 / 01 / 2022

Pathfinder 23 Joins the Amazon Advertising Partner Network: What Does That Mean for Clients?

Pathfinder 23 Joins the Amazon Advertising Partner Network: What Does That Mean for Clients?

In 2021, Pathfinder 23 became an official member of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network, solidifying its status as Amazon experts and expanding the ranks of official Amazon partners under the Brand New Galaxy umbrella.

“It’s great to have this confirmation of our expertise on Amazon, because we’ve been working on Amazon since our organization began, and we have people at Pathfinder working in almost every market on Amazon,” said Ada Wachowska, head of Amazon and media buying at Pathfinder 23. “We are indeed Amazon experts, and to have that affirmation directly from the source is wonderful.”

How Will Membership in the Amazon Advertising Partner Network Benefit Pathfinder 23?

According to Amazon, the Advertising Partner Network is designed for “agencies and tool providers that offer a broad range of products, services, and areas of expertise to support advertiser needs. Whether you specialize in an advertising product or offer advertising services, you can join the Partner Network to learn more about new products, access training and resources, as well as manage your Amazon Advertising business.”

Whether you’re dealing with Amazon in the U.S. or Europe, one global constant appears to be a general lack of transparency: it’s difficult to find definitive answers for seemingly simple questions. Being part of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network provides agencies direct access to the most comprehensive library of information offered by Amazon, which can be an invaluable resource for answering client questions with researched and meaningful answers.

“With Amazon, the knowledge base is so huge and scattered that it can be hard to get clear answers,” Wachowska said. “Sometimes different sources have different answers on Amazon, so it’s good that we have these resources now. There are manuals, PDF materials, pitch decks, and many more resources made for agencies and tool providers, and they are more advanced than what you would find in Vendor Central, Seller Central, or Advertising.”

How Will AAPN Membership Further Pathfinder 23’s Client-Centric Mission?

With a staff of more than 200 individuals sharing skill sets honed in 18 different countries, Pathfinder 23 excels in connecting top brands with consumers. They achieve success by looking at their clients’ needs with as wide a perspective as possible.

“We want to work for the whole organization,” Wachowska said. “Our goal is to be a partner, to provide clients the services that will be the most helpful for them, that will maximize their potential, that will help them to overcome any challenges they may have, and for the results to be profitable and effective and something that they will be happy with. Ours is a very hands-on approach.”

As a member of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network, Pathfinder 23 now has more tools at its disposal to address each of its clients’ unique needs.

“We work with clients on many different Amazon scopes,” Wachowska said. “Some clients are very hands-off, and we say, ‘Just give us the keys to your kingdom and we’ll take over the whole performance from end to end.’ But sometimes they have more specific needs from Amazon Advertising projects, content projects, or analytical projects. So, it’s great that now we can have more direct contact with Amazon, and access more advanced resources that we can use to further support our clients.”

What Does it Mean for Pathfinder 23 to Be a “Partner” to Clients?

Just as Pathfinder 23 is now an official partner with Amazon, Wachowska and the Pathfinder 23 team strive for a true partnership with their clients.

“At the core of Pathfinder 23, we want to be a business partner to the brands we work with,” said Wachowska. “We get involved and try to understand what the client’s bigger objective is and what their long-term goals are, and to build a strong relationship between us and them. We like to think we are taking each client on an e-commerce journey, guiding them through a vast environment, helping them achieve their goals. Being that business partner is very important to us.”

That focus on collective knowledge and collaboration is part of what it means to be an Amazon expert. “An expert can help a client truly understand the topic that is challenging them and understands how they can support the client in that particular area,” Wachowska said. “It’s someone that the client can completely trust with giving them the keys to the kingdom, as I said, and also that can help clients explore new Amazon options that might be interesting to them, that knows how to be best in class, and how to maximize the performance of the platform.”

A multi-talented team such as Pathfinder is essential for navigating the scale of the Amazon platform with true, comprehensive expertise. “We have experts on many different Amazon topics, which is our strength,” Wachowska said. ” We have experts in product content, Amazon SEO, advertising, data analytics, business intelligence, and data visualization. We love to invent new solutions and ways to be more effective for us and our clients. We have so many people in Pathfinder that can really, fully support our clients with their knowledge—deep knowledge about vastly different areas of a platform that is so wide and so big. The most important conclusion is: We love what we do. We’re passionate about e-commerce and Amazon, and we’re excited about what’s next.”

by: Jeff Kirby

This interview is part of a blog series highlighting the extensive e-commerce expertise and thought leadership throughout Brand New Galaxy – provided by content26. 

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