20 / 01 / 2022

Brand New Galaxy’s Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team Leads the Way to Streamlined Services

Brand New Galaxy’s Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team Leads the Way to Streamlined Services

Building a global brand across multiple markets and online retailers is an art form, particularly when it comes to e-commerce, which requires expertise in data analytics, strategy, copywriting, e-retail SEO, design, asset creation, syndication, and e-retail media. Mastering this art form can be overwhelming for brands, which have historically had to partner with multiple specialized agencies to address these individual components.

Since its inception in 2017, Brand New Galaxy (BNG) has focused on providing comprehensive e-commerce capabilities from strategy and design through e-merchandising and e-retail media. After rapidly expanding to offer all critical e-commerce services under one umbrella, BNG quickly became one of the biggest end-to-end e-commerce agencies in Europe. In 2021, BNG introduced the Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team, an internal cohort of e-commerce experts tasked with streamlining the client experience across BNG agencies and partners, from asset creation to product launch support to metrics tracking.

“We saw the need to create the Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team to build more seamless workflows between our specialized agencies—this way, we will be able to simplify our interface to address our clients’ business challenges while being more scalable and efficient,” said Julia Dziurbiejko, E-Commerce Chief Operating Officer at BNG.

Dziurbiejko, who has been with BNG from the beginning in several C-suite roles, is joined on the Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team by BNG E-Commerce Chief Growth Officer Szymon Domzal, as well as e-business consultant Lucie Dessarts and E-Commerce Executive Vice President Nelson Disanto, both of whom have many years of high-level experience on the client side of the e-commerce equation.

“We bring operational excellence, in-depth knowledge of individual BNG agencies offering and workflows, a solid understanding of clients’ needs, and knowledge of clients’ e-business ecosystems to the Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team,” Dziurbiejko said. “Combined with the openness and agility of our agency leadership and competence teams, this promises very tangible results in the near future from which both the holding company and specifically our enterprise clients will benefit.”

What Will the Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team Bring to BNG Clients?

As a fast-growing holding company of marketing and tech agencies, including e-commerce agency Pathfinder 23, innovative product content creators Robonauts Pictures, e-commerce data and automation platform Synthrone, and other highly specialized agencies, Brand New Galaxy addresses the full spectrum of e-commerce challenges in the global market.

“We are constantly working toward completing the end-to-end cycle by partnering and acquiring capabilities which help improve and automate our core services,” Dziurbiejko said.

The Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team will ensure that these agencies meet client needs in an integrated way, blending human-centric services and advanced business intelligence tools for an end-to-end e-commerce solution.

“Our enterprise clients frequently face complexity, workflow fragmentation, and inefficiencies generated by work organized in silos on their end,” Dziurbiejko said. “This is why they look for an agency partner with whom they can work on a holistic e-commerce journey, as opposed to managing multiple individual stakeholders and approaching many different companies with portions of scope.”

The landscape of global services has changed dramatically over the past few years. In the past, global agency partners were required to maintain a physical presence in the countries in which they did business, which often generated huge inefficiencies as most of the work done in those offices could not be scaled.

Today, Dziurbiejko explained, it’s important for e-commerce companies to provide clients with scalable and cost-effective solutions worldwide without the heavy weight of a global HQ. BNG, with a footprint in the Middle East and Africa, Western Europe, and the United States, can deliver just that.

“We have offices in strategic locations, multi-language capabilities, and global affiliate partners to operate locally where needed,” Dziurbiejko said. “Through this model, we can combine our clients’ global and regional teams’ perspectives with insights coming from multi-language teams working on local day-to-day agendas. We understand brand equity and brand activation specifics, as well as local e-retailer requirements and challenges. With this insight, we are helping global, regional, and local clients close the loop where they might be otherwise disconnected.”

What E-Commerce Challenges Can Brand New Galaxy Help Brands Overcome?

As holistic partners to their clients, Brand New Galaxy and the Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team have a birds-eye view of the biggest challenges global brands face today, as well as common stumbling blocks. These include failing to align objectives, tools, and roles and responsibilities between marketing, trade, and e-commerce teams; and not maximizing e-commerce’s potential as a communication channel between brand and consumer.

Another common challenge for brands, Dziurbiejko explained, is not fully understanding how to interpret the terabytes of available data. “That’s where our business intelligence, data engineering, strategy, and analytics capabilities can help,” Dziurbiejko said. “To make sense of the e-commerce data and gather specific category insights to fuel the strategy and design process and joint e-business planning process with e-retailers.”

What’s Next for the Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team?

The Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team’s immediate priorities include connecting specialized e-commerce experts directly with clients as multifunctional teams, elevating BNG’s unique capabilities to the same service level in all regions, and streamlining its end-to-end e-commerce offer with the right tools and complementary services for clients.

But the Team is not only solving real-time problems; it is also standing at the forefront of the e-commerce evolution, making sure BNG seizes opportunities related to key development areas like automation, mass content production, and collecting and analyzing more first-party data.

“We have reached a scale where it’s impossible to handle things manually,” Dziurbiejko said, of the increasing need for automation in e-commerce. “We are continuously working on optimizing and automating both our internal workflows, client system integrations, and e-retailer operations. To make the end consumer experience a seamless one, clients, e-retailers, and agency ecosystems must work together.”

Another area of development is mass content production. To help clients win over their competitors online, where product content can be compared instantly, Brand New Galaxy has as affiliates several production companies specialized in scalable, high-quality content production for e-commerce. Similarly, by collecting first-party data for key categories, BNG is gaining an ever-deeper knowledge of consumers and their shopper insights, triggers, and barriers. “This helps us fuel our strategic, content creation and content optimization process and help our clients gain competitive advantage in those areas,” Dziurbiejko said.

On top of the above, Dziurbiejko and the Global E-Commerce Acceleration Team see long-term opportunities in e-business consulting and joint business planning, upgrading proprietary BI (business intelligence) & automation tools, and direct-to-consumer activations.

To be ready for these opportunities, of course, clients must have the basics under control, including high-quality product content. BNG can help with the basics, but also with identifying and supporting new value-added opportunities. “We are already industry-leading e-commerce solution in several regions,” Dziurbiejko said, “And we aim to cooperate with industry-leading partners in other fields to integrate our best-in-class solutions seamlessly into the broader marketing ecosystem.”

by: Elizabeth Olmsted 

This interview is part of a blog series highlighting the extensive e-commerce expertise and thought leadership throughout Brand New Galaxy – provided by content26. 

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